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What Our Customers Say

Just to let you know I shot my new gun on a partridge day on Saturday. Bodfuan shoot in N Wales near Nefyn, I think you may know of it. Please thank James and everyone who worked on it for me it performed superbly. The day was very enjoyable enhanced by the "perfection" of my new gun.

Client PG, 4.9.17
Absolutely Fantastic
The gun is absolutely fantastic, I’m really enjoying shooting with it and those that see the gun are very impressed at the feel and ‘point-ability’/sweep.

Client HV, Melbourne, Australia 14.7.17
29 Jun 2017
Fantastic Work
Many many thanks for your fantastic work making my gun.  Not shot much yet but it feels 'bloody fantastic'.  Very pointable and superfast, I have to slow myself down,! Thanks again I will certainly recommend you.

Client PG Lancashire, England 30.6.17
Most Impressed
I was most impressed with the guns - apart from their good looks, the lack of recoil on such a light gun was quite remarkable.  Anyone trying them for the first time cannot fail to be impressed.  

Demonstration Day guest(Sporting Targets) MB 31.5.17
Highly Regarded
Not only was it my first experience of using a Longthorne, but it was also my first experience of using a 16 bore on a driven day.  To say that I  am in love with your gun, Jim, would be an understatement! Having heard so much about your guns, I can now understand why they are so highly regarded.  You must be so proud of what you have achieved and I wish you every sucdcess in the future, you truly deserve it.  I, for one will be singing your (and your guns') praises to anyone who will listen!
Powis Castle Guest MJ 21.01.17
Another Level
 Latterly I think I can say that I have got the hang of things to the point where as a shot I have moved on to another level. Any time you decide to take guns in px I will gladly order a couple more!
Client MS London Sussex 20.01.17
High Pheasants
I shot my two highest ever pheasants in the lake district on Monday, they were easily 80m up, dead in the air as an over and under using the 4 shot - cant tell you how pleased I was!
Client MF North Yorkshire, England  21.12.16
Hesketh Heritage
I am very pleased with my guns (especially the 16 bore), I have waited a long time to get them to my specification but the waiting was ultimately worth it.   The 16 bore (with the colour hardening, engraved screws, figured stock, horn butt plate and gold trigger and pins) is a work of art - I've named it the "Hesketh Heritage".
Client CN Middlesex, England 29.11.16
First shoot day with the Longthorne today, fantastic! Lovely gun, so well balanced, shot really well with it
Client PE Cumbria, England 21.11.16
I'm really pleased with the shotgun it looks terrific and the fit, finish and engineering are incredible.
Client JH Lancashire, England 31.10.16
A dream to shoot
Their beautiful 16 gauge over and under shotgun was a dream to shoot. Very light with a natural swing. Recoil was like a 28 gauge extremely soft and comfortable. The craftmanship was second to none that was evident from first picking it up. It was an amazing day. Thank you very much for hosting Shooting for heroes. It is superb to get an insight into a cutting edge gun maker. THANK YOU LONGTHORNE
Honoured visitor from Shooting for Heroes MC 24.9.16
Gun was brilliant and much admired – I am looking forward to receiving mine!
Client CH Oxfordshire, England 20.5.16 (Using a loaned gun for a local charity shoot)
13 May 2016
A few words by an Olympic hopeful
How has Longthorne Gunmakers helped you?
Longthorne Gunmakers have been amazing with all of their help and support.  The gun that I shoot, which is the 'Hesketh' , has provided the consistency that I've had so far this year.  The way the gun fits me and the way it feels to shoot is unbelievable.  A lot of hard work has gone into the process from Longthorne Gunmakers to produce this beatiful gun for me.  The gun is very light, which allows it to flow when I shoot but I never get any recoil.
Jack Halsall '5 Minutes with Jack Halsall' Sporting Times (UK) 11.5.16 - Longthorne Gunmakers are proud to sponsor Jack Halsall
Beautiful and lighweight
I took the gun on the boxing day shoot and everyone thought it a fantastic and stunning gun. To sum it up, we have people on our shoot who have some very nice guns and one of them (who owns that standard of gun) said "...., I have shot with and looked at many top class guns, this is the only one I have had in my hand where the first thought that entered my mind was, WOW".

You have a great product and a caring, open, honest and refreshing approach to your customers which I value greatly.
Client AS Greater Manchester, England 27.12.15
A greater joy
The gun is still looking and feeling great, as I improve it just becomes a greater joy to shoot, thank you for giving me such great pleasure in my shooting in 2015
Client PH Sussex, England 20.12.15
In looks, handling and shooting, I am most pleased
The Longthorne gun and self are finally united. I was away from Hawaii when it arrived so have just actually received and now shot the gun. In looks, handling and shooting, I am most pleased. Further my two shooting sons have already made not very subtle murmurs about who gets it next. I look forward to much shooting enjoyment, both targets and game birds and thank you Longthorne Gunmakers for providing so fine a shotgun, and thank you as well for the accompanying best quality slip case.
Client FB Hawaii, USA 19.12.15

The gun is fantastic and getting plenty of action.
Client MB Lancashire, England 09.12.15
Superb balance
The Hesketh has been used extensively at Simulated Days in East and West Sussex on one occasion firing 590 cartridges in the day It's superb balance , weight and ability to absorb recoil make it a joy to shoot The gun's performance has been faultless
Client MR Sussex, England 24.8.15
Good fitting
I used the Hesketh today, that is when I could get every body else's hands of it. It functioned perfectly, upping my score slightly above the norm, for me. So great potential for when I get really accustomed to it. I think the biggest difference was the ease & speed with which it moves, meaning that I had to be less aggressive with my swing on crossers. On driven & quartering clays it shot so much to where I was looking ( good fitting ) that I was hitting them yards earlier than usual.
Client GS Lincolnshire, England 10.5.15
Well finally yesterday I collected my new above mentioned shotgun from the Australian Customs office in Hobart. It took longer to get from Melbourne to Hobart than from London to Australia. Anyway that is life and this did not worry me much and simply pleased that this shotgun has finally arrived. The bottom line here is the shotgun and case both look excellent and I am sure will bring me many years of good use.
Client RW Tasmania, Australia 19.3.15
Without any felt recoil
Very many thanks to Jim and yourself for returning my gun, in time for the simulated day yesterday. We had a wonderful day, fantastic weather, beautiful wooded valleys and hundreds of shots each. The gun performed flawlessly and without any felt recoil, not even a mark on my shoulder, which I often get using my.........., when firing so many shots, especially on such a hot day when the cartridges can get a bit `lively`.!
Client SM Dorset, England 18.5.14
I was clay shooting just north of Preston on Sunday and couldn’t believe how much interest my gun was creating. Everyone was very impressed with both it’s technical points and finish. I’m really pleased with it,thanks.
Client ST Lancashire, England 28.4.14
Gun making excellence
A CUSTOMER’S PERSPECTIVE ON THE HESKETH DELUXE.....I had to wait awhile for my personalised bespoke gun – but it was more than worth it. A lot has already been written about the innovative design of this true English side-lock over and under, but as a layman who just enjoys his shooting, the gun I received was a truly outstanding marriage of engraving excellence and a finely balanced light gun that points almost intuitively and shoots like a dream with negligible recoil and barrel flip.

From the initial measuring of my somewhat awkward left hand and right eye dominance issues, to the untiring attention to details from the very talented Chloe whose artistic interpretations of my engraving requirements culminated in truly beautiful engraving, the process has been faultless – and very enjoyable.

If you are looking for something very special to make your chosen sport even more enjoyable, I would strongly recommend you get in touch with James or Elaine at Longthorne Gunmakers – you will be treated with warmth, respect and service that is unrivalled. Even more importantly you will be ending up with a true English side-lock shotgun, at a price that defies the quality and engineering excellence that is demonstrated in abundance at their manufacturing plant in Lancashire.

It is a privilege to reap the benefits of James Longthorne Stewart’s dream to create and build this very special quality English gun in the tradition of this Country’s history of gun-making excellence.
Client PH Sussex, England 30.3.14

Absolutely fantastic
This world is full of bludgers, blaggers, liars, cheats, halfwits, big talkers,idiots. evil doers ,bone idol spongers, and Pretenders, sadly I have come across my fair share of them, therefore you will know as I do that it is very rare indeed for anyone to fulfill their promise, do what they say they can do be honourable and stick to it through thick and thin no matter what, these people are very rare indeed in fact almost extinct. With that said when James said some years ago he was going to build his own gun there were many doubters,me included, although I had no doubt he had the grit, knowledge and energy to do it I felt it may have been too big a mountain to climb. Having seen the gun that you have all produced for GB I can honestly say it is absolutely fantastic and a true credit to the Stewart family, as good as anything you will see in fact probably as good if not better than you will see anywhere and a real shout for the independent entrepreneur of which I am all in favour of, against all the odds you have created a wonderful thing.I am extremely proud to say I know you Jim and Elaine, I hope your success grows and grows.
Friend of Client MS Lancashire, England 15.12.13

It was perfect
I have finally got around to using my new gun, and I have to say it is excellent! My wife and I went out to a clay ground last weekend and put about 100 28g cartridges through it – it was lovely. The balance is perfect and I feel, that unlike the (other gun) when I put the gun up , it is there ready and pointing in the right place – which always helps! I love the assisted opening too – makes firing singles and dropping the barrels to reload a joy! Very much admired by everyone too!

I went on a simulated day on Saturday and took the Hesketh as well as the ‘other gun’ – we were expecting to fire around 500 each (21g) so I took both in case there was an issue with recoil – but absolutely no problems there ( you may remember my ‘other gun’ has a ‘girlie’ hydraulic recoil pad, as opposed to walnut) but seriously, it was perfect. Here too the gun was much admired – along with some very envious looks.
Client AW Hampshire, England
Low recoil
The test gun was not only lively to use with inherent stability - it had low recoil - a fantastic combination only achievable with a skilful approach to action, barrels and balance.
Wes Stanton CEO Blaze Publishing
.....a Longthorne shoots without conscious effort allowing you to shoot instinctively
Vic Harker Shooting Journalist & Gun Reviewer
Finish is superb
I would just like to say thank you very much for allowing our group to visit your factory, it was absolutely brilliant - I really did enjoy it. I found it extremely interesting and could follow all the things that you were doing on the machines, I used to work at Rolls Royce and it brought things back to me. The thing that I was surprised about was that there were no billets but that it was all from solid blocks. I could have spent hours watching you running the machine. Thank you also for letting us shoot your guns, I was surprised that there was no kick back at all they are very nicely balanced and the finish is superb.
GB- Member of The West Lancs Masonic Shooters
Our members fired at clays with a broad range of light and very heavy loads. The recoil was negligible even with the heaviest loads. A true testament to the high quality design and manufacture of these remarkable shotguns.
Keith Stoker, Registrar Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors
Just fantastic
Yesterday I have been shooting a driven pheasant and partridge in the Borders of Scotland using a Hesketh gun. We were 5 guns and got a bag of over 250 birds, and the gun was just fantastic!!! It is incredible how it handles, the lack of recoil and that it never gets too hot.

You need one finger to open the gun!!! It opens completely and it closes effortlessly. It’s a wonderful gun!!!
Mr Rocchi who sampled one of our guns in Scotland